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By Providing Scholarships for Payson Students, we are Investing in our Community and their Future


Your Donation Stays in Payson, Arizona

The Friends of Rim Country Scholarship is for Payson Campus students only meaning your money supports local students.

100% of Your Donation Goes Towards Scholarships

Friends is managed by an all-volunteer organization. Unlike some nonprofits where only a percentage of your money goes to scholarships – we give 100% of your donation to the students. 

Invest in the Future of a Student and the Community

Many of our scholarship recipients remain in the local community and serve our local hospitals, schools, and businesses. By investing in their future, you are investing in the Rim Country community for years to come.



Attend an Event

Attend one of our many fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for student scholarships. View our News and Events Page for More Information.


Donate and Receive an Arizona Tax Credit

Through Arizona’s Charitable Tax Credit, individuals (up to $400) and couples (up to $800) can make donations to FORCGCC that could be dollar for dollar reduction on Arizona state taxes.


Become a Sponsor

Individuals, non-profit organizations, or businesses can sponsor an event or designate a scholarship. We can work with you to create a custom package that meets your needs and organization purpose.

“Medicine has always been my passion and becoming an RN is my dream. I started my medical career in 2010 as a medical assistant in my small hometown rural health facility. We were the closest medical facility within 70 miles, and we would often receive emergent patients and had to stabilize them before EMS arrived. There I absolutely fell in love with emergency medicine but always felt I could do more and move my education to the next level by becoming a nurse. I faced some very tragic life circumstances while I was in nursing school after my husband suddenly passed away, so I had to drop out so I could raise my two young daughters.

When I was ready to return to school, Friends of Rim Country Scholarship provided me the much-needed financial assistance. As a student who works full time, raises two children and in nursing school full time, it has been an absolute blessing for me to be the recipient of the scholarship. With the constant rise of costs, I am not sure I would be able to continue without the support of organizations like the Friends of Rim Country, and I would like to take this time to truly thank everyone involved for helping me live out my dream.”

“Thank you so much to the members of the Friends of Rim Country board members for giving me the opportunity to study and work toward a nursing degree. For the past 10 years, my primary aim has become increasingly apparent to me- to be of service to others as the heart of my own growth as an individual and as a productive member of the community. Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to follow a lifelong pursuit of service to others as a career in healthcare!” – Alex

“I’m a Sophomore here at EAC. I am originally from the Philippines but decided to immigrate to the United States twenty-seven years ago for a fighting chance toward a better life. My educational goals consist of achieving my second, but first in the United States, associate degree in Sociology/Social Work. With this degree, I plan to help and advocate for children who are being abused. Thank you for the scholarship to help me reach my goals” – Mercy

“I want to express my deep gratitude for the Friends of Rim Country scholarship as it has helped me get closer to my goal of becoming a registered nurse. Upon completion of my nursing degree through the EAC program, I hope to continue my travels to foreign and third world countries, as a humanitarian nurses, to give back to the people throughout the world, what I have been so generously given, access to a healthy life and knowledge of how to obtain it.” – Alexa

“I have a love and passion for nursing. I believe that everyone deserves great care, especially when they aren’t feeling very well. I go into work every day asking myself “who can I make smile today that may not have a good reason to?”. I am a block 2 Nursing Student who has the intention of becoming an RN with a bachelor’s degree. Nursing is a perfect career to watch people grow and progress every day! I am excited and anxious to become an RN and to start spreading smiles through loving care.” – Olivia

“I am a Dual Enrollment Payson High School student who is graduating this semester with a certificate in Cosmetology. In the Fall, I am going to EAC Payson Campus to pursue my goal in becoming a business owner of a salon. I’m planning on finishing business school in Payson first before going to a university to get my Bachelor degree in Business Management. Thank you Friends of Rim Country for helping me finish my degree.” – Mariana

“I am a Payson High School graduate, first-generation college student born in Chihuahua, Mexico. My family immigrated to Payson, Arizona in 1998 and have made Payson their home.

After working as a Community Health Worker for several years, I felt a calling to the nursing profession and changed my major. I am excited to be a Registered Nursing in the future. My goal after graduation is to begin working in Payson and then continue my education to obtain my BSN. In the distant future I would like to become a labor and delivery nurse as well as a diabetes educator.” – Perla

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By making a donation to Friends of Rim Country GCC you could receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona state income taxes. The maximum deduction is $800 married, $400 single, or your actual tax liability. Your donation can be made in addition to Credit For Kids. Check with your tax planner for details. 

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